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On The Road 2004
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery pg2
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Well i don't have many pictures of my previous bands and believe me there's been a few!!! this particular band is Coopers Brew and it was one band i was very proud to be part of. What your looking at is some of the country's finest musicians i ever had the pleasure to work with, unfortunately I had to leave the band to follow work, but i believe the guys are still performing on the Sunshine coast regularly.
At the back is Steve and Brian and at the front is Rob and Allan, all rock history if you look em up. Rob and Steve did time for the likes of Normi Rowe,Kamahl and John Mcsweeny while Brian James toured extensively through the States and played with the likes of Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochrane the Big Boppa and Buddy Holly but came to the front when he played Sax for the Johnny O'Keefe band back in the seventies, And Al well he's been everywhere man- he had a huge country band that toured through the south back in the seventies called Lighthouse inc. He once told me he has played every club and pub between Bundaberg and Sydney !!! And he has one of the stongest voices you will come accross !!!
I have been writting songs recently with him over the net (as he is half a state away) and i think he may even consider an album sometime in the future, this is a man born to entertain, he has taught me everything i know -  and for that Al I am very gratefull.


Every now and then you do shows that just sticks in your head, here are a few, above is Roadkill ad the local constabulary from Begonia where they were celebrating finally having bitumen into the town. Below is a hoedown to raise money for the local kindergarted in Dalby.
And YES that is a water bottle in Tommy  Lee-Archers hands.



Paul, Steve and Andy make up the absolutly awsome band West Texas Crude - Rockabilly Heaven i reckon


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