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On The Road 2002


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Toowoomba Drought Relief Concert
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On The Road 2002
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Here you will find my movements for 2002, Gigs, Festivals and concerts

Jan 26 Roma town Celeration Australia Day
Feb 15 Australian Hotel St.George
Mar 2 Roma Cricket Club Celebrations
Mar 23 Easter In The Country Celebrations
            Radio Appearance with Chris Jenson ABC
Mar 30 Easter In The Country Final Celebrations
Apr 13 Columboula Country Music Bash - Closed The Concert
Apr 19 Roma Bowls Club
Apr 27 Private Party
May 3,4,5,6 Main Stage, Bar Stage Broxburn Country Music Festival
May 9 Roma Bowls Club
May 16 4DDB Toowoomba Interveiw with Nelle T and Shazza
May 18 Roma Polocross Celebrations
May 25 Surat Campdraft Celbrations
May 30 Live Radio Appearance 2WEB Bourke
May 31 Roma Bowls Club
June 14 Australian Hotel St.George
June 15 Private Party
June 21 Live Radio Interveiw 4VL Charleville
July 2 Live Interveiw Derek , Radio Freemantle
July 6 Bollon Polocross Celebrations
July 13 Private Party
July 26 Nidigully Pub with Stonewash and The Wolverines
July 27 Roma Bowls Club
Aug 2 Westbrook Tavern Toowoomba
Aug 3 Judge Red Faces Competition Roma
Aug 4 Roma Bowls Festival
Aug 16/17 Grnade Hotel Roma
Aug 23 Jondaryan Woolshed Heritage Festival
Aug 30 Blandys Tavern Millmerrin
Sep 6 Roma Bowls Club
Sep 14 Surat Races Carnival
Sep 21 Newtown Hotel Toowoomba
Sep 27/28 Newtown Hotel Toowoomba
Oct 4 Australian Hotel St.George
Oct 5 Wedding Toowoomba
Oct 19 Dalby Kindi Fundraiser with West Texas Crude
Oct 26 Begonia Town Celbrations(Finally got Bitumen in Town)
Nov 1/2 Mud Bulls and Music Jimna
Nov 2 St Patrick School Town Celebrations-St George
Nov 5 Compare Fashion Show Melbourne Cup Celebrations
Nov 15 Roma Bowls Club
Dec 6 Wilsonton Hotel Toowoomba
Dec 13 Drought Relief Concert Toowoomba Fire Festival
Dec 25/26/27/28/29/30 Corones Hotel Charleville Appearances Twice Daily
Dec 31 Injune Hotel New Years Celebrations

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